Bible Study

Ages 8th grade - Adult

Good Shepherd (202) Family is a basic need we crave.  Family is where our children thrive.  Family is designed as a gift from our Good Shepherd.  Why do we mess it up so often and so easily?  God's Word is filled with families in conflict, families forgiving, families surviving and families thriving!  Join us Sundays in September and October to learn how to have great Christian families following our Good Shepherd.

Taught by Pastor Goelzer (located in the lunch room)

9:15 am Sunday Mornings 


Ages 8th grade - Adult

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another" (John 1:16). God abundantly blesses us and wants us to use those blessings to his glory. So how does this look in our daily lives? Starting January 6th we will begin a new sermon series and Adult Bible class called Joyful Generosity. This stewardship series will guide us through the Bible's clear teachings on the management of our possessions.

Taught by Pastor Goelzer (located in the lunch room)

9:15 am Sunday Mornings starting January 9th